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6 Educational Floating World Globe Magnetic Levitating Globe Map with LED xinqite home furnishing ornaments product suspension globe round 3 inch 85mm blue english version of the spot
Encourage exploration and learning activities of Earth's natural geography with the 6" Educational Floating World Globe. It comes with 2 units: a 6-inch floating globe and a base unit to accommodate it. The built-in electromagnet and magnetic field sensor enable the globe to smoothly and elegantly float above the base and even automatically rotate for easy viewing. The compact and durable levitating globe is a must-have for home, office or classroom. Floating World MapThe 6 inch Globe float smoothly and stably above the base with magnetic technology. Automatic RotationIt can roll over all by itself for easy viewing thanks to the automatic rotation system. LED Lighting SystemThe base unit features a circular LED lighting system, making it an ideal decor kit. Air ImprovingProduces negative air ion to fresh the air in your room. Durable Design Made from high quality and durable materials to withstand tear and wear. Specification Product Name Rotating Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe 6 Inches Globe Measures 6 inches Globe Colors Golden, Silver and Blue Base Colors Black with Sapphire Blue Light Globe Language English as default Product Size 22 x 19.5 x 14.5 cm(inlcuding base)
2167.31 RUR