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The Reign of King John the reign of king john
The Reign of King John
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The Reign of King John the reign of king john
The Reign of King John
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King John and Magna Carta the reign of king john
The Ladybird Book about King John and the Magna Carta is a gem from the Ladybird vintage archive. First published in 1969, this is a classic Ladybird hardback book, packed with information about one of the most important moments in the history of English-speaking people. This new edition, published to mark 800 years since the Magna Carta, is exactly the same as the original, with a dust jacket and beautifully reproduced images. The story of King John and the momentous events he saw take place over his reign are illustrated with twenty-four beautiful full-page pictures.
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When Hollywood Had a King: The Reign of Lew Wasserman, Who Leveraged Talent into Power and Influence the reign of king john
Book DescriptionIn When Hollywood Had a King, the distinguished journalist Connie Bruck tells the sweeping story of MCA and its brilliant leader, a man who transformed the entertainment industry— businessman, politician, tactician, and visionary Lew Wasserman. The Music Corporation of America was founded in Chicago in 1924 by Dr. Jules Stein, an ophthalmologist with a gift for booking bands. Twelve years later, Stein moved his operations west to Beverly Hills and hired Lew Wasserman. From his meager beginnings as a movie-theater usher in Cleveland, Wasserman ultimately ascended to the post of president of MCA, and the company became the most powerful force in Hollywood, regarded with a mixture of fear and awe. In his signature black suit and black knit tie, Was-serman took Hollywood by storm. He shifted the balance of power from the studios—which had seven-year contractual strangleholds on the stars—to the talent, who became profit partners. When an antitrust suit forced MCA’s evolution from talent agency to film- and television-production company, it was Wasserman who parlayed the control of a wide variety of entertainment and media products into a new type of Hollywood power base. There was only Washington left to conquer, and conquer it Wasserman did, quietly brokering alliances with Democratic and Republican administrations alike. That Wasserman’s reach extended from the underworld to the White House only added to his mystique. Among his friends were Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa, mob lawyer Sidney Korshak, and gangster Moe Dalitz—along with Presidents Johnson, Clinton, and especially Reagan, who enjoyed a particularly close and mutually beneficial relationship with Wasserman. He was equally intimate with Hollywood royalty, from Bette Davis and Jimmy Stewart to Steven Spielberg, who began his career at MCA and once described Wasserman’s eyeglasses as looking like two giant movie screens.The history of MCA is really thehistory of a revolution. Lew Wasserman ushered in the Hollywood we know today. He is the link between the old-school moguls with their ironclad studio contracts and the new industry defined by multimedia conglomerates, power agents, multimillionaire actors, and profit sharing. In the hands of Connie Bruck, the story of Lew Wasserman’s rise to power takes on an almost Shakespearean scope. When Hollywood Had a King reveals the industry’s greatest untold story: how a stealthy, enterprising power broker became, for a time, Tinseltown’s absolute monarch.
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Chronicles of Kull: Volume 5: Dead Men of the Deep and Other Stories the reign of king john
Kull slew the bloody-handed King Borna to free the people of Valusia from his tyranny, but that act turned out to be the easiest of Kull''s reign. Now his sovereignty is threatened from all sides; evil mages, eldritch spirits, plague, and serpent-men would see Kull, the barbarian king, to an early grave! The final Chronicles of Kull collection features an unbelievably talented pool of creators including John Buscema, Bill Sienkiewicz, John Bolton, Marie Severin, and more, to give the conquering Atlantean king a proper farewell!
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King John and Henry VIII the reign of king john
From the Royal Shakespeare Company – a fresh new edition of two of Shakespeare's most unusual and provocative historiesThis book includes:* Illuminating introductions to King John and Henry VIII by award-winning scholar Jonathan Bate* The two plays – with clear explanatory notes on each page* Helpful scene-by-scene analyses and key facts about both plays * An introduction to Shakespeare's career and the Elizabethan theatre* Rich explorations of approaches to staging both plays featuring photographs of key productions of each The most enjoyable way to understand a Shakespeare play is to see it or participate in it. This book presents a historical overview of two of Shakespeare's classical plays King John and Henry VIII in performance, recommends film versions, takes a detailed look at specific productions and includes interviews with three leading Directors – Gregory Doran, Josie Rourke and Gregory Thompson – so that we may get a sense of the extraordinary variety of interpretations that are possible - a variety that gives Shakespeare his unique capacity to be reinvented and made 'our contemporary' four centuries after his death.
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The Letters of John F. Kennedy the reign of king john
Letters to and from Martin Luther King, Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt, Nikita Khruschev and many others present both the politician and the man
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Chronicle of the Russian Tsars: The Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers of Imperial Russia the reign of king john
The lives of tsars famous and infamous are covered in a lively series of biographical portraits stretching from the late fifteenth to the early twentieth centuries. Discover the facts behind the reputations of rulers such as Ivan the Terrible, whose reign of terror was unparalleled in Russian history until Stalin; Catherine the Great, the determined young German princess who usurped power; and the last tsar, Nicholas II, vainly endeavoring to cope in a period of devastating change. Here too are the less familiar but equally intriguing personalities who occupied Russia's imperial throne: the pious but feeble Feodor I and the Empress Anna, with her taste for cruel practical jokes.
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To Play the King: Book 2 of the House of Cards Trilogy the reign of king john
The second book in the trilogy that inspired the hit Netflix series House of CardsAfter scheming his way to power in House of Cards, newly elected Prime Minister Francis Urquhart takes on the new King, The role of the monarchy in modern Britain comes under scrutiny as Prime Minister Francis Urquhart threatens to expose Royal secrets when his plans are blocked by the idealistic new King. Their differences of opinion quickly degenerate into open hostility. The battlefield ranges from architecture to the underprivileged; the battle is fought with rigged opinion polls, manipulated newspaper headlines, sexual scandal and economic brinkmanship as Urquhart sets out to destroy not only the King's family and friends but even the King himself.Continuing the dark tale of greed, corruption, and unquenchable ambition, To Play the King reveals that no matter the country, politics, intrigue and passion reign in the corridors of power. "This blood and thunder tale, lifelike and thoroughly cynical, certainly carries the ring of authenticity....a great triumph." The Independent"
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The Spider in the Web the reign of king john
In the 1370s, the aged King Edward III of England left the governance of the realm in the hands of his third surviving son, John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster. While Lancaster acted as de facto king of England, he brought together a group of powerful men whose unwavering loyalty was critical in the duke’s scheme to seize the realm. The insatiable appetite of John of Gaunt extended as far as coveting the authority of the church and centralizing that power under the crown. Lancaster’s web of supporters propagated his agenda in the governance of the kingdom, and threw the church in England into an age of turmoil and uncertainty, leaving it vulnerable to possible appropriation by the temporal realm. John of Gaunt's grandson, King Henry V, adopted Lancaster’s flawed tactics for constructing a power base, and improved them. Examining the political maneuvering of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and his grandson, King Henry V, this book will show how the House of Lancaster wove the authority of both the temporal and spiritual realms into an inescapable web that enabled John of Gaunt’s direct descendents to secure their continuous position as heirs to the throne of England.
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Франк И. Английский с Джоном Раскином. Король Золотой Реки = John Ruskin. The King of the Golden River the reign of king john
Популярная сказка Джона Раскина адаптирована в настоящем издании (без упрощения текста оригинала) по методу Ильи Франка. Уникальность метода заключается в том, что запоминание слов и выражений происходит за счет их повторяемости, без заучивания и необходимости использовать словарь.Пособие способствует эффективному освоению языка, может служить дополнением к учебной программе. Предназначено для широкого круга лиц, изучающих английский язык и интересующихся английской культурой.
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The Reign of Thutmose IV the reign of king john
The Reign of Thutmose IV
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