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The Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality shara shara lovely choral
The Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality, edited by Sheila Whiteley and Shara Rambarran, brings together a multidisciplinary group of scholars who address issues such as artistic agency, the relationship between reality and illusion or simulation, and the construction of musical personae, subjectivities and identities in a virtual world.
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The Oxford Handbook of Choral Pedagogy shara shara lovely choral
Where, in the digitizing world, is the field of choral pedagogy moving? Editors Frank Abrahams and Paul D. Head, both experienced choral conductors and teachers, offer here a comprehensive handbook of newly-commissioned chapters that provide key scholarly-critical perspectives on teaching and learning in the field of choral music, written by academic scholars and researchers in tandem with active choral conductors.
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Interpreting and Appropriating Choral Music: Echoes of African Scholars is a collection of selected articles that were presented during a week-long First National Choral Music Workshop held in Kenya in November, 2010. With the growing enthusiasm in choral music in Kenya, and in Africa as a whole, a book that highlights emergent issues, dynamics and challenges that are encountered by choral practitioners and educators in their day-to-day choral activities is a must. The content herein, besides revealing a strong awakening to dynamics and challenges of choral music performance practice in Kenya, confirms that choral music does not play a peripheral role in transforming and re-shaping human lives. Therefore, it is time its profound impact on the social, economic and political systems of people, in Africa and elsewhere, was acknowledged. This book is very resourceful to school and church choir directors, community choral groups, music educators and students in institutions of learning. It is also a handbook to music scholars and researchers, administrators and other individuals seeking knowledge of the aims and problems of the choral performance in Kenya and beyond.
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Foundations and historical development of Choral Music shara shara lovely choral
This book discusses the historical development of South African indigenous choral music. The purpose is to demonstrate how South African indigenous choral music composers, in their attempt to establish some choral tradition that would determine their cultural identities, tried to incorporate indigenous musical elements of their own people?s music into their choral works. In particular, it explores the foundations and the historical development of choral music as an art amongst Vhavenda, and the contributions thereto by a number of past and present Venda composers. It was also crucial for the book to highlight the place of the selected compositions within the context of Venda historical and cultural foundations; hence it also traces the history, culture, customs and indigenous music traditions of the people to which the composers in question belong. Whilst South African indigenous choral music is frequently performed, compared to other art forms, it is infrequently taught in South African schools and tertiary institutions. It is comparatively less-researched and very less-published in South Africa. This book contributes to the sparse body of knowledge on South African choral music.
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A History of Western Choral Music, Volume 1 shara shara lovely choral
A History of Western Choral Music explores the various genres, key composers, and influential works essential to the development of the western choral tradition. Volume I offers a thorough exploration of the music of the Renaissance and Baroque eras and its aesthetic influence on the beginnings of the Classical and Romantic eras.
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During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the massed choral ensemble became a popular phenomenon in American cultural life. Assuming various formats, it also found a permanent place in choral music education in the schools. Today, it exists as the all-state chorus, and is supported as a goal of choral music education programs in every state in the nation. In spite of its prevalence, few studies have addressed its policies and practices or its effectiveness as an educational endeavor. This book provides an overview of policies and practices utilized in all-state choral events; and, opinions of active all-state choral clinicians regarding the effectiveness of these policies and practices. Subjects were those involved in the organization of all-state events in each state and the District of Columbia as well as clinicians who had conducted all- state choirs in at least three states during a five year period. An analysis of the data provides an examination of policies and practices currently employed in schools as well as suggestions for improvement in the planning of all-state events.
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Виниловая пластинка Сборник Ludwig Van Beethoven - Symphony No. 9 Choral shara shara lovely choral
Историческая запись одного из самых знаменитых классических произведений, записанная по случаю повторного открытия Фестивального театра в баварском городе Байройте в 1951 году. 9-ю симфонию Бетховена исполнили местные симфонический оркестр и хор под управлением великого Вильгельма Фуртвенглера, а так же знаменитые немецкие оперные певцы: легендарное сопрано Элизабет Шварцкопф, меццо Elisabeth Höngen, тенор Ганс Хопф и австрийский басс Отто Эдельман.
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A History of Western Choral Music, Volume 2 shara shara lovely choral
A History of Western Choral Music explores the various genres, key composers, and influential works essential to the development of the western choral tradition. Volume II examines the major genres common to the Classical and Romantic eras and offers a thorough exploration of the array of styles and approaches developed over the course of the twentieth century, from Impressionism to the Avant-Garde.
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