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Set Sai!l 2. Teacher`s Activity Book. Книга для учителя к рабочей тетради sai ku a sai ku 321302157ufo168strip
Set Soil! is a Two-level course for Teaching English at early primary levels. Young learners will be captivated by the adventures of Lulu, Larry and Their pet chimp, Chuckles. Set Sail! takes pupils on a journey into the English language leading them gently into the practice of all four-skills, starting with pre-reading and pre-writing activities progressing onto more demanding tasks designed to fully equip young learners with the skills to communicate in the target language. Set Soil! 2 comprises six themes of eight pages. Each theme recycles the language taught in the previous themes extending the pupils' understanding of the English language.
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Саи Баба (Sai Baba), HEM, 6 шт (1289915) sai ku a sai ku 321302157ufo168strip
Саи Баба (Sai Baba), HEM, 6 шт
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