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MaiTech PWM DC Motor Speed Controller Speed Switch - Black (10~50V / 30A) pwm dc motor governor dc speed regulation power supply wk622 input ac220v output dc220v
Input voltage: DC 10V~50V Recommended power: 0.01~1000W (50V pm); Current: Rated current 30A 40A maximum current; Frequency: selectable frequencies (240Hz 2.2KHz 22kHz) PWM pulse width speed range: 5%~100%; Note: 1. Do not reverse the positive and negative terminals of the DC power supply otherwise the governor may be damaged. 2. The motor can be positive or negative regardless of when the direction is inconsistent with expectations can be changed by adjusting the direction of line sequence. 3. Adjustment potentiometer knob to change the governor output duty cycle the motor speed change.
1076.55 RUR