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Dusky Maiden – Noble Savage: Being Pasifika in NCEA Drama noble people 18613 022 noble people
As a lens through which young people view themselves, the world, and their place in the world, texts can be a powerful means of affirming or undermining positive cultural identity and self-image. This work examines the ways in which dramatic texts recommended for study in NCEA Drama identify and represent Pasifika people. As the nationally endorsed means of measuring achievement, NCEA exerts considerable power over what educators teach Pasifika young people is important and of intrinsic value for them as they prepare to take their places in society. I argue that the NCEA has sets of values that are conveyed and assimilated by learners and that the NCEA Drama texts are culturally charged with stereotypical character and theme types that promote negative constructions of identity in young Pasifika people. These texts also promote misunderstandings about what it means to be Pasifika by non-Pasifika learners. The work also argues that the NCEA Drama assessments do not necessitate the use of culturally responsive Pasifika theatre forms and that these forms could be a way forward in appropriately addressing the needs of the multi-cultural classroom.
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Lisa McLeod Earle Leading with Noble Purpose. How to Create a Tribe of True Believers noble people 18613 022 noble people
Profit doesn't drive purpose. Purpose drives profit. We made some incorrect assumptions about work and those assumptions are killing us. We allowed a narrative that is solely about earnings to replace what we know to be true about human motivation. Human beings are hardwired to seek purpose, but according to data, most people don't feel a sense of purpose in their work. Work has become a grind, an endless series of tasks that lack meaning. Building upon her bestseller Selling with Noble Purpose, leadership expert Lisa Earle McLeod tackles the employee engagement crisis by showing leaders how to put workplace meaning front and center. McLeod, whose clients include organizations like Google, Hootsuite, and Roche, asserts that many organizations are unconsciously squandering their greatest asset—their people's passion. By putting profit before purpose, organizations eroded the very thing that makes a business great. The narrative of profit, earnings, and bonuses was supposed to improve employee performance, but it had the opposite effect. It stripped the joy and meaning from work in ways that have a chilling effect on morale, performance, and ultimately profit. In this new book, McLeod shows leaders how to: Win the hearts and minds of employees, clients, and stakeholders through a Noble Sales Purpose Reframe your approach to metrics so that they accelerate performance Create a tribe of True Believers who drive revenue and do honorable work People want to make money and make a difference. Leading with Noble Purpose shows leaders how to do both.
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Noble House N9500 ​​дыхательный клапан РМ2,5 маски 5 установлен noble people 18613 022 noble people
Noble House N9500 ​​дыхательный клапан РМ2,5 маски 5 установлен
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Noble House респираторы легкие дышащие теплые розовые маски noble people 18613 022 noble people
Noble House респираторы легкие дышащие теплые розовые маски
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