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Astro City: Confession city of the sun
Astro City, after dark: What becomes of the world of wonders-of noble heroes and sinister villains-once the sun retreats? Walk the night streets of Astro City to discover the secrets of the reclusive Confessor—and face a crisis that could destroy the city and everyone in it. After leaving his rural home and working his way into the superhero scene as a busboy and waiter, Brian Kinney attracts the attention of Astro City's vigilante, Confessor. Dubbed “Altar Boy,” Brian becomes the Confessor’s sidekick just in time to witness Astro City suffer under the looming threat of a serial killer on the loose. As shadows approach and the city’s leaders move to ban superheroes altogether, Brian is forced to question the actions of his mentor. Will their partnership be doomed before it can even begin?
1099 RUR
Darien: Empire of Salt city of the sun
The city of Darien stands at the weary end of a golden age. Twelve families keep order with soldiers and artefacts, with spies and memories, maintaining a peace that shifts and crumbles constantly. The people of the city endure what they cannot change.Here, amongst old feuds, a plot is hatched to kill a king. It will summon strangers to the city - Elias Post, a hunter; Tellius, an old swordsman banished from his home; Arthur, a boy who cannot speak; Daw Threefold, a chancer and gambler; Vic Deeds, who feels no guilt; and Nancy, a girl whose talent might be the undoing of them all.Their presence inside the walls as the sun sets will set off a series of explosive events. Before the sun returns, six destinies will have been made - and lost - in Darien.
809 RUR
| Электронная версия для Xbox Microsoft Mordheim: City of the Damned - Complete Edition city of the sun
Разрабатывайте планы сражений в непревзойденной адаптации культовой классической настольной игры Mordheim от Games Workshop. Полная версия включает основную игру и все загружаемые материалы.
2999 RUR
| Электронная версия для Xbox Microsoft Mordheim: City of the Damned - Complete DLC Pack city of the sun
Расширьте пределы игрового мира в Mordheim: City of the Damned, установив полную версию! Добавьте все банды с юнитами и кампаниями, а также всех наемников.
1179 RUR