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KingSpec 2.5 SATA II MLC-NAND Flash SSD/Solid State Drive (60GB) 22x42mm kingspec 60gb 120gb m 2 solid state drive ngff m 2 interface ssd pcie mlc for lenovo thinkpad hp asus laptop notebook
With the price of SATA memory coming down it is now available to you the consumer at reasonable enough prices that you can afford to speed up your laptop and improve its computing power by installing some extremely high speed SSD memory. It's the perfect way to improve performance without having to by a new machine. Simply remove your traditional HDD drive and install this unit for a blazing fast 60GB solid state drive. - Model: SPK-S12-M60 - Color: Grey - Aluminum alloy housing - Provides high reliability and high performance - Interface: SATA II - Memory type: MLC-NAND Flash - Capacity: 60GB - Voltage: DC 5V - Power: 2.0W/0.5W (operating/non-operating) - Sequential read: 285Mbps - Sequential write: 273Mbps - Error correcting code: 24-bit per 512-Byte - Average access time: 0.1ms - 4KB IOPS: 30000 for read; 10000 for write - Working temperature: 0'C to 70'C - Shock: 2000G (@0.3ms half sine wave) - Vibration: 20G (40~2000Hz) - Provides a better solution in a notebook PC desktop PC or UMPC etc. - Comes with 4 screws
4010.67 RUR