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Performance monitoring and modeling of heat pump water heater 14kw r407c heat pump water heater heat exchangers including b3 050 18 as condenser and b3 050 30 as evaporator
Heat pump technology has gained an incredible market in the domain of sanitary hot water production in Southern Africa. Air source heat pump water heater is an efficient and renewable energy device for hot water production. The device is capable of generating a heating energy output of 2 to 4 units by utilizing an electrical energy input of 1 unit. The additional output energy is extracted from the ambient as aero-thermal energy. The book deals with the performance monitoring and development of mathematical models to predict the coefficient of performance using different predictors. The different models can be utilized by the heat pump manufacturers and energy saving companies to derive the savings from this technology when used to retrofit geyser.
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SOLAR DESALINATION SYSTEM 14kw r407c heat pump water heater heat exchangers including b3 050 18 as condenser and b3 050 30 as evaporator
Many arid and semi-arid countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia face shortages of potable water available from natural sources. The limited water resources and the need to balance economic and social development resulted in the emergence of an imbalance between them. Seawater desalination accordingly represents a viable solution to the problem. In this Study, an experimental Setup of HDH solar desalination system was carried out in order to convert the seawater into sweet water. The system consists of nine solar air heaters, a humidifier, a condenser and two water tanks. The system was tested for different experimental operating conditions. A comparison between the experimental and theoretical results of the condenser productivity is made where a close agreement was reported. Thermal design of two types of heat exchangers (as condensers) was performed, namely a plate fin tube heat exchanger and a shell and tube heat exchanger. Results were compared to the condenser of the experimental setup as well as a condenser designed by a vender.
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